Infographic: Giving Madness Pilot Results

Check out our Giving Madness report infographic for a quick read of the pilot launch most interesting findings! Before the introduction of Giving Madness, nearly 80% of charitable donations have been made at the end of the year, leaving nonprofits hurting for funds the rest of the year. We knew if we could create a fun giving program that would close the funding gap and ignite cause engagement for employees, we could move the corporate giving needle during the quieter months.

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Finding the Right Fit: Company & Nonprofit Partnerships

Can corporations find the right fit for nonprofit partnerships? And if so, then how? First and foremost, you must remember that nonprofit partnerships are a two-way street. Companies want to find amazing nonprofit partners just as much as nonprofits want to find them. And the best way to do that is to find a partnership that fits.

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How to Make Sure You’re not Donating to a Hate Group

One of the most common hesitations heard from employees who are approached to sign up for a match giving program is a lack of confidence in where your donors’ dollars are really going. There are over 700 hate groups in the United States today. Vetting nonprofits is typically left up to the experts at SPLC/ The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that monitors hate groups and extremists throughout the United States and exposes their activity.

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Changemakers from Within


A new podcast highlighting the stories of everyday people that create impactful social change by empowering their coworkers and the companies they work in.