Changemakers from Within

A new podcast highlighting the stories of everyday people that create impactful social change by empowering their coworkers and the companies they work in.


Hosted by Rachel Klausner, a former changemaker turned founder of Millie, helping companies start, scale, and amplify their social impact programs with tech. When she’s not podcasting under a blanket or running a small tech company, Rachel is hiking with her daughters (read: bribing them with Skittles up mountains) or trying new art mediums to amatuer-out with. 

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Are you a changemaker from within? Or do you work with someone who is? 

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We’re looking to tell the stories of people pushing social change from within their company — from volunteer days to food drives, and from unique programming to long-standing partnerships with nonprofits. We’re excited to dive deep on what got you going, how you got buy in from executives, and all the planning that went in.

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