Changemakers from Within

A new podcast highlighting the stories of everyday people that create impactful social change by empowering their coworkers and the companies they work in.

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Hosted by Rachel Klausner, a former changemaker turned founder of Millie, helping companies start, scale, and amplify their social impact programs with tech. When she’s not podcasting under a blanket or running a small tech company, Rachel is hiking with her daughters (read: bribing them with Skittles up mountains) or trying new art mediums to amatuer-out with. 

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Creative Social Impact Programs with Kaitlin Westbrook Tolson & Erica Woods at Apex Systems

In the latest episode of “Changemakers from Within,” Rachel sits down with Kaitlin Westbrook Tolson, National STEM & Philanthropy Advocate at Apex Systems, and Erica Woods, Director of Contractor Programs & Philanthropy at Apex Systems. Get an inside look at the framework they are using to leverage their team that resulted in a 100% participation rate in 2022. From campaigns like their Quarter of Caring, Random Acts of Kindness, and Earth Week to gamified events like Giving Madness, Gamers vs Cancer, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader (exec version), and a Virtual Magic Show, Apex Systems is dedicated to offering something for everyone. Tune in to learn more about how they leverage their teams to create multiple, successful giving campaigns all year long.

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Giving Madness with Creator, Rachel Klausner: The Evolution of Giving Madness and the Pilot Launch Results

Tune in for an exclusive deep dive into all things Giving Madness with founder, Rachel Klausner, interviewed by Millie team member, Stacy Schmitz. In this episode Rachel talks the origin of Giving Madness, the purpose behind gamified giving, and the amazing results seen since the pilot launch in March of 2022. With customer testimonials, Rachel’s journey on a collab sprint with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, interesting results from a tech error and some impactful “aha” moments, you will not want to miss this episode!

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Coffee with Kaanji: Head of Diversity & Inclusion + Social Impact at Next Insurance

In the latest episode of “Changemakers from Within,” Rachel sits down with Kaanji Irby, an inspirational, amazing human and podcast extraordinaire. Kaanji is Head of DI and Social Impact at Next Insurance and cohost of the “Motherhood in Black and White” podcast. She defines “pivot” with her many paths that have led her to social impact. After her experience in teaching, flight attendant, then law school, she co-founded a nonprofit. She was approached to spearhead a social impact program for Next Insurance, a company whos’ mission is to help small businesses thrive by providing insurance for entrepreneurs. She provides a unique perspective to social impact with her legal expertise as well as her well-rounded background and most importantly, her heart. An impact story you won’t want to miss!

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Changemakers from Within Megan Goddard Checkr Social Impact

Fair Chance and Social Impact with Megan Goddard at Checkr

Listen to changemaker Megan Goddard, a long time fighter for criminal justice reform, who has worked to help previously incarcerated individuals reenter society and get a fair chance at employment once they’ve been released. Megan is the Corporate Social Responsibility Program Manager at Checkr, a background check company that helps take the bias out of the process, where she helps spearhead the company’s social impact side.

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Vimeo with Lenna Daniels

In the latest episode of “Changemakers from Within,” Rachel sits down with Lenna Daniels, the new Social Impact Program Manager at Vimeo. Listen to learn about how Lenna paved her way to a full-time social impact role and about the exciting initiatives she’s led.

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Are you a changemaker from within? Or do you work with someone who is? 

We want to tell your story 💃🙋🏾‍♂️

We’re looking to tell the stories of people pushing social change from within their company — from volunteer days to food drives, and from unique programming to long-standing partnerships with nonprofits. We’re excited to dive deep on what got you going, how you got buy in from executives, and all the planning that went in.

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