Changemakers from Within

A new podcast highlighting the stories of everyday people that create impactful social change by empowering their coworkers and the companies they work in.


Finding Your Social Impact Superpower with Heather Jin from Medallia

Excited to have Heather Jin, Global Head of Social Impact at Medallia, talk about her journey to leading the program and how it's transformed from HR-focused impact to product-focused impact (and how they still have a super engaged team!). Hear how Heather started working on CSR programming as a side hustle to her original role at Medallia and how she rallied to make it a full-time position and program. You won't want to miss her inspiring story and Medallia's social impact work!


Path to a Career in Social Impact with Rachel Seward from MiTek

Rachel is joined by Rachel Seward, VP of Enterprise Communications + Philanthropy at MiTek, as they discuss Rachel's incredible path to social impact via her various roles in the St. Louis public school district. Plus, hear some of the strategic building-related community initiatives happening at MiTek.


Dunkin Brands and Impactful Programming with Kari McHugh

Get ready for a fantastic guest (human) and surprise guest (not human!), as Rachel speaks with Kari McHugh, Senior Director of Customer + Community Relations at Dunkin Brands and Executive Director of the Joy in Childhood Foundation. Kari’s story and insight are incredible as she helped build the foundation in its early days and later stepped in to lead it. Hear how her team spends their time listening and gives back around community needs.


Creating an Engaged Community with Sara Quist from Cigna

We are joined by Sara Quist who tells us about her inspiring work as Community Engagement Lead at Cigna. In this episode, Sara walks us through the different employee + community engagement programs she leads and how it's fostered community within Cigna. The programming they've implemented has increased volunteerism by nearly 200%! Learn about what they do, and how it's had a powerful impact as it trickled down to employees beyond their time in the office.


A “Mission Possible” Social Impact Program with Amy Wendel from LogMeIn

Amy Wendel, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at LogMeIn, joins us to discuss the amazing charitable work she has done both at LogMeIn and through her own nonprofit. Amy shares the career path which led her to CSR and the many initiatives she leads through "Mission Possible" at LogMeIn. Amy also discusses the measures LogMeIn is taking during this unprecedented time of Covid-19. Listen to hear her incredible story!


Building a Corporate Social Responsibility Program for 10k Employees with Heather Stowe of Domtar

Rachel is joined by Heather Stowe, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Domtar, to discuss the amazing charitable programs that Heather leads for Domtar's 10,000 employees. In this episode, Heather describes the 3 programs that she manages which focus on areas of literacy, health & wellness, and sustainability. Heather shares her passion for social impact, how she spearheaded an employee engagement project focused on sustainability, and the ways that Domtar gives back to communities.


How to Create an Authentic Social Impact Program with Michael Newhall from Sentinel Benefits

Join Rachel Klausner as she is joined by Michael Newhall to discuss the incredible philanthropic program Michael runs at Sentinel Benefits. The company is less than 300 employees and has nearly a dozen different programs running throughout the year to impact the community. Listen to the inspiring story of SentinelCares, the unique give back initiatives they run inside and outside their offices, and how they stay authentic in their giving.

Are you a changemaker from within? Or do you work with someone who is? 

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We’re looking to tell the stories of people pushing social change from within their company — from volunteer days to food drives, and from unique programming to long-standing partnerships with nonprofits. We’re excited to dive deep on what got you going, how you got buy in from executives, and all the planning that went in.

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