Announcing Millie + Double the Donation Integration

Millie + Double the Donation Integration

Millie is constantly looking for new ways to improve workplace giving and overall social impact. One of our newest offerings is an innovative partnership with matching gift software provider Double the Donation.

Learn more about the tech integration and its value for amplifying corporate matching gifts as we walk through the following topics:

  • What is Double the Donation?
  • New Integration: Millie and Double the Donation
  • The Basics of Matching Gift Auto-Submission
  • Partnership Value for Your Company

What is Double the Donation?

Double the Donation is the industry’s leading provider of matching gift software for nonprofit organizations. Its flagship product, 360MatchPro, empowers fundraisers with matching gift automation capabilities to raise more and better utilize the matching gift opportunity at hand.

This includes standout features, such as:

  • Streamlined employee request processes that allow employee donors to submit their matching gift requests with ease, reducing critical roadblocks to program usage;
  • Targeted follow-up emails that provide donors with key details about their employers’ giving programs, including eligibility criteria and submission processes, driving elevated employee participation rates;
  • Reducing operational lift between for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations, simplifying program usage for all parties involved.

Double the Donation works with thousands of the world’s leading nonprofit organizations to better reach their donors and drive more match potential to completion. The company is known for its continuous innovation and a wide range of technological partnerships.

New Integration: Millie and Double the Donation

Double the Donation provides matching gift support to nonprofits, and Millie helps companies facilitate matching programs⁠—so their partnership is a natural fit. Though their target audiences differ, the two companies share a common goal⁠, and have decided to work together to reach it.

Together, Millie and Double the Donation are tightening relationships between philanthropic-minded companies, the team members they employ, and the nonprofits they each support.

By enabling a seamless technology integration, our teams are empowering more companies and their employees to give with ease⁠. This results in increased funding for a wide range of charitable organizations receiving their support⁠—and heightened benefits for the companies that give.

The Basics of Matching Gift Auto-Submission

One of the most essential components of the Millie and Double the Donation partnership is that of streamlined match auto-submission. Matching gift auto-submission is a new, exclusive offering by Double the Donation in cooperation with select innovative corporate giving platforms⁠ like Millie.

Whereas employees previously had to complete a separate process (often by logging into their companies’ online portals) to request their matches, auto-submission functionality allows individuals to do so directly from their favorite organizations’ gift confirmation screens.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A corporate employee donates to a nonprofit organization on their website. During the giving process, they are prompted to automatically submit their match request to their employer.
  2. Double the Donation leverages data collected from the donation form and the nonprofit to provide the employer with the information they need to process the request.
  3. Your CSR platform receives the information from Double the Donation’s automated submission and approves the donation match.
  4. The matching donation is paid out as usual.

It’s that easy!

Partnership Value for Your Company

Millie’s partnership with Double the Donation enables companies and their employees, and nonprofits and their donors to make the most of corporate philanthropy through strategic and forward-thinking practices. As Double the Donation continues developing this innovative technology, Millie users are the first to benefit thanks to this trailblazing partnership. In the end, fundraisers receive increased revenue, and companies see greater benefits from their philanthropic programming.

But the benefits don’t stop there, either. For example, match auto-submission typically results in:

  • Simplicity for employees ⁠— Removing common roadblocks (such as lack of awareness and know-how) ensures that employees can amplify their giving impact on their favorite organizations with little to no added time or effort.

  • Elevated fundraising results for nonprofits ⁠— More matching gifts driven to completion means more corporate funding, not to mention growing individual donations as well.

  • Increased employee engagement ⁠— Making matching easy results in significantly elevated employee engagement levels. And that’s not only pertaining to your giving programs but to your business as a whole! Studies show that more than 54% of employees who are proud of their company’s contributions to society are highly engaged in their jobs.

  • Maximal CSR benefits ⁠for companies — Companies that match gifts benefit not only from improved relationships internally but externally as well. In fact, over 77% of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies that are making the world a better place. And matching donations is a great way to better your communities.

As a corporate leader, if you’re going to go through the process of establishing a workplace giving initiative, you want to be sure your employees are going to take part. And what better way is there to drive participation than to make it quick and easy⁠—requiring only a few clicks of a button?

Interested in learning more about the partnership? Check out the integration guide here!