6 Reasons Why CFO’s Love Millie

Why CFO's love Millie (2)

Social Impact. Change for good. And bringing employees together by supporting cause areas they love. That is the heart of the beloved Millie platform. But there is a reason why CFO’s love Millie. The less spoken side of Millie where the numbers do the talking. CFO’s understand that employee engagement and company culture can have a huge impact on operation costs, productivity, and revenue. But they need to be able to quantify these with facts. Let’s get down to brass tax. 

1. Companies can set customizable budgets across different programs. The Millie platform allows users to set match limits with options. For example, match limits can be set per individual employees, per the entire company, and individualized per campaign. Each campaign can have it’s own match cap and ratio. Our software allows for designating different budgets and ratios across multiple programs. Customized limits reassure users that their CSR program will never go over budget, and it’s automated!

2. Tracking is made simple. Millie is a one stop shop for tracking an impact program. Millie data tracks anything from volunteer hours, total $ donated, how many nonprofits were supported for each campaign, how many employees participated, and so much more. CFO’s can use this data to compare results and see the correlation between employee participation vs productivity or participation vs employee retention and so on.

3. Millie reduces employee turnover. Employee turnover drops by an average of 36% among employees engaged in company giving. When engaged in giving AND volunteering, employee turnover drops by an average of 57% (source: HRReporter). Employee retention increases a company’s ability to increase productivity. Lower turnover also reduces the costs of onboarding new employees, which is a costly process after training, recruiting, and lost productivity. 

4. Recruit top talent. 77% of applicants consider a company’s culture before applying for a job. And more than half of workers in the US, UK, France and Germany place company culture above salary (source: recruitment.com). Companies are starting to catch on. Creating a company culture that attracts and retains great talent increases the bottom line indefinitely.

5. Save time and resources. Millie makes running a social impact program simple and easy. Small to midsize companies who may not have the resources to dedicate an entire department (or even one full time employee) can set up Millie to run their program and campaigns with minimal time commitment. If a company is fortunate enough to have employees overseeing a CSR program, Millie helps carry the load of executing a campaign so the HR (or CSR) leader can focus more of their efforts in other ways. Plus, it’s just fun for employees to use!

6. A reputable social impact program increases the company bottom line. Studies show that consumers are more likely to choose a company with a higher CSR performance that aligns with their core values, compared to an otherwise similar competitor. A reputable impact program strengthens customer loyalty and trust. In many cases, these loyal customers are less price sensitive which enables the company to charge a premium, increasing profit margins. An increase in profit margins allows for more growth opportunities, thereby increasing bottom line initiatives and opportunities.

CFO’s love Millie! If you are interested in learning more about a workplace giving program for your organization, check out a free demo.