how to make a successful erg

How to Make a Successful ERG

ERGs, or employee resource groups, are easy to define. These affinity groups consist of volunteer employees who get together to boost the professional development of minorities and underrepresented groups. The goal: to increase employee engagement and make people of all backgrounds feel comfortable in their present position. The question isn’t whether it’s a noble purpose. …

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how to incorporate social impact into a business

How to Incorporate Social Impact into a Business

In building a successful company, one of the primary challenges one may face is the message and branding that their organization presents to consumers. Businesses are constantly in search of ways to present themselves as effective, meaningful, and oftentimes, ethical. For this reason, a certain expectation of doing good for the greater community is deemed …

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In building a more socially responsible company, you might come across two terms. At first glance, these terms might not make any sense. ESG strategies. “Global reporting initiative.” CSR and ESG factors. It all sounds very complicated, with little rooting in the real world, where social impact must take place. However, once you understand these …

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