How One Remote Workforce Successfully Hosts Group Volunteer Events with their Team

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When it comes to hosting group volunteer events for remote teams, the task can often feel like a daunting challenge. The multitude of options available can be overwhelming, and ensuring team engagement can be a real struggle. Moreover, many companies find themselves grappling with the constraints of limited resources. But what if we shared with you one company’s fantastic idea for low-lift campaigns that can effortlessly fill up your calendar year that you are free to implement with your own team as well?

WebPT empowers rehab therapy organizations with unified solutions designed to better engage patients, improve care, and grow their practice through their Practice Experience Management (PXM) platform. Beyond that, they are a team with a heart of gold. One of their eight core values is giving back through community outreach. They support this value with paid volunteer time off and through many Employee Resource Group (ERG) options. They also have an active social impact program with many volunteer options.  

As a digital first work environment, with employees across the United States, remote volunteer events are essential. In order to champion their volunteer program and multiple ERGs, WebPT has created a genius, low-lift approach to their 2023 social impact program:

ERG (Employee Resource Group) Themed Kynd Kits

Kynd Kits are essentially volunteer projects in a box. Everything you need to do a meaningful project for someone in need is delivered right to your door. Kynd Kits offers corporate programs that can be sent directly to employee’s homes and each bundle can be customized to include kits that support causes you care about. Perfect for supporting ERGs and fostering team cohesion!

WebPT is passionate about championing their ERGs. And Kynd Kits is the perfect solution for creating remote volunteer events that can support each ERGs core values. Take a look at WebPT’s 2023 ERG Kynd Kit calendar:


Hosted by the Propel-Her ERG 

Women’s Care Kynd Kit: Care packages for women that are experiencing homelessness or domestic violence and donated to women’s shelters. Kits included DIY cards, envelope, toiletry bag, canvas bag, as well as hygiene items and feminine products.


Hosted by the Give Back committee 

Environmental Impact Kynd Kit: These kits were designed to be kept by WebPTers with items such as reusable straws and bags, as well as DIY bee bath, bird feeder, and seed bomb.


Hosted by the Propel-Mental Health ERG

Youth and Teen Mental Health Kynd Kit: Kits donated to local Boys and Girls clubs including (depending on age) DIY canvas bag, card, envelope, journal, coloring book, keychain, friendship bracelets, fidget toys, stress relief tools, emotional wheel, affirmation cards, etc.


Hosted by the Propel-PRIDE ERG

LGBTQ+ Support Kynd Kit: Care packages, including mental health resources, for a member of the LGBTQ+ community.


Hosted by the Propel-Parents ERG

Sight Words for First Graders Kynd Kit: Build sight word flashcards for first grade students who are behind on their reading levels. 


Hosted by the Propel-Vet ERG

Veteran Affairs Hospital Care Kynd Kit: Write a letter of gratitude and build a care package for a veteran in the hospital.

What a great idea to champion their ERGs by hosting events for each with Kynd Kits! The WebPT team has done an amazing job utilizing KyndKits for their social impact initiatives! Bravo to WebPT and Kynd Kits for their innovative and engaging efforts.👏