10 Things You Didn’t Know About Employee Giving Programs

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  1. One of the biggest challenges employers face is unengaged employees, and employee giving programs are one of the fastest-growing engagement programs companies are using to attract and retain top talent in their organizations.

  2. With almost 70% of employees not feeling engaged in their jobs, companies that have corporate giving programs will see that employees feel more connected to their managers, colleagues, and the company’s brand as a whole.

  3. Employee giving, also known as corporate giving, is a program that companies put in place to empower their employees to give back to nonprofits that they care about while matching their donations to make double the impact.

  4. Employee giving is actually one of the most cost-effective ways to support nonprofits, for your employees, the company as a whole, and for nonprofits who are receiving donations.

  5. As an employer, you can choose the kinds of nonprofit eligibility that your company will match. Common restrictions for nonprofits that employees would not be eligible to donate to include political, religious, and faith-based organizations.

  6. When you set up an employee giving program, you can have your employees set up payroll deductions. This means that donations are automatically deducted from paychecks. NO extra fees and over the course of the year you can donate smaller, more manageable amounts, to be matched by your employer.

  7. When you’re an employee giving to your favorite nonprofit through an employee giving program, it’s a safer way to make sure your donation goes to the right place. You can make sure that not only your donations are tax-deductible, but through a program, you can make sure that your donations go to registered nonprofits.

  8. Employee giving programs are more cost-effective than traditional fundraising efforts. You can budget to match a certain dollar amount of giving for each of your employees and give them the opportunities to give to those charities throughout the entire calendar year.

  9. The best way to support your favorite nonprofits is actually through employee giving programs because of the matching done by the company. Rather than having a monthly recurring donation set up for your favorite charity for $25, your employer is matching your donation dollar for dollar, essentially doubling your impact on the nonprofit!
  10. Employee Giving Programs benefit the employee, the company as a whole, and ultimately the nonprofit and those receiving funds from the nonprofit, widening everyone’s impact and making the world a better place.