The Most Important Benefit Your Company Needs To Offer in 2020


Employee engagement is on the mind of every employer as we make our way into the new year and understanding what your employees want is the best way to make sure you put the programs in place to keep them at your company and, most importantly, happy. 

The best way to engage with your employees at scale is to create programs that allow you to support charitable causes that they care about. 

More employees than ever are expecting their employers to have a corporate social responsibility strategy. 

Companies are catching on to this and are now trying to provide more chances for their teams to engage with the communities they care about. 

When you implement an employee giving program, you allow your employees to give back to causes they choose (within your restraints), and match up to a certain dollar amount. 

Pro tip: Employers generally set up their matching programs in a dollar-for-dollar setup, or through a percentage match around 50%. 

This is an easier way for your team to be able to have a larger charitable reach within your communities without having to organize sponsored events, fundraisers, or full-day offsites for volunteering. 

When you set up your company benefits and include an employee giving program, you’re ensuring that you’re backing legitimate, safe organizations that have been vetted by the program you go through. 

You can also make sure that not only your donations are tax-deductible, but through a program, you can make sure that your donations go to registered nonprofits. 

Employee giving programs also drive more recurring donations to your employees’ favorite nonprofits. Rather than remembering to donate, with an employee giving program, your employees can set aside pre-tax dollars to donate to the charities of your choice. 

This not only benefits the causes you care most about, but allows you to make sustainable donations!

When you set up an employee giving program, you can have your employees set up payroll deductions. This means that donations are automatically deducted from paychecks. NO extra fees and over the course of the year you can donate smaller, more manageable amounts, to be matched by your employer. 

Long story short, when you think about the benefits you want to provide to your company in 2020, keep employee giving programs at the top of your list.