World Humanitarian Day Nonprofits to Support

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The 2021 Humanitarian Needs Overview estimated that 20.7 million (67% of the population) people need humanitarian assistance, 12.1 million of whom are estimated to be in acute need, which makes Yemen the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

World Humanitarian Day is an international day dedicated to recognize humanitarian personnel and those who have died working for humanitarian causes.

The designation of 19 August as World Humanitarian Day is the outcome of the relentless efforts of the Sérgio Vieira de Mello Foundation and his family working closely with the Ambassadors of France, Switzerland, Japan and Brazil in both Geneva and New York to table and steer the draft Resolution through the General Assembly. The Foundation conveyed its deep gratitude to the United Nations General Assembly and all Member States for the worthy gesture of recognition that has ensured that the tragic loss of Vieira de Mello and his 21 colleagues and all humanitarian personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifices in relieving the suffering of victims of humanitarian crises have not been in vain.

Nonprofits to Support


Miles4Migrants is a nonprofit that reunites separated refugee and immigrant families using donated airline miles. Miles4Migrants has flown over 1,000 separated family members, donated over 48 million miles flown, and saved over 500K in airline costs. 

The Adventure Project

The Adventure Project is dedicated to alleviating poverty by creating jobs in developing countries. Having one community health worker in a village reduces child mortality by 25%. The Adventure Project has created over 1.6K jobs in Haiti, India, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania & Malawi and has impacted over 1 million people with access to better health care, nutritious food, clean water, and a safer environment.

Project Alianza

Project Alianza provides education and builds schools for children living on coffee farms to give them a future beyond the fields. Project Alianza has educated over 2.4K children and has increased the regional literacy rate by more than 18%.