A New Dashboard to Share Your Social Impact Work

social impact dashboard millie

We are so excited to release a new part of our product today for our incredible partners who have been making an impact in their communities. 

We just launched a new version of the company dashboard which has new modules showcasing your social impact work along with a customizable builder that allows you to create the dashboard of your dreams.

✨ Analytics + Impact Data by Program Area

To fit with many of the new products being released, we’ve reorganized your dashboard by program area: match, volunteerism, grants, and gifts. You can highlight whichever programs you choose and filter the view by whatever date range you’d like.



🏃🏾‍♀️ Volunteering & Grants

These two areas are launching shortly where you’ll be able to showcase direct donations made to nonprofits along with new volunteer opportunities, hours volunteers and nonprofits supported through volunteerism. Keep your eyes out as these roll out in the coming weeks


🎁 Charitable Gifts

Highlight the charitable gift cards you’re sending to your employees and customers with this customizable section. 

🏄‍♀️ Community: Highlight Nonprofits and Customized Content

Are there nonprofits you love that you want to showcase? Is there detailed content around your program you’d like to showcase like company or individual caps, match areas etc? We got you covered. This section can be customized to whatever you’d like to showcase. Check out the builder to add your company’s program features. 


🖥 Dashboard Builder to Customize to your Company

Every company is different as is every social impact program. Because of this, we’ve built out a live builder that lets you customize the dashboard to fit your corporate social responsibility program. As you edit content in the builder panel, the dashboard preview will update as you go. Click save at the bottom to push the changes to your live dashboard! 


Want to learn more about the new features or get a demo of the product? Email partnerships@getmillie.com