Social Impact Report Toolkit

Does your company engage in holiday giving, volunteering, or nonprofit support? If so, then explore social impact reporting to tell your impact story. 

Our free comprehensive toolkit includes resources to help you craft your own compelling social impact report and tell your company’s impact story. Download your free social impact report template, complimented with step-by-step instructions for creating and designing a report, personalizing the report to your brand, and optimizing your use of this valuable tool.

social impact report
social impact report template free download

Whats in the social impact report toolkit?

Free Download | Canva Report Template

Download our FREE easy-to-use Canva template to access pages of prompts for creating and designing your impact report and watch your impact story come to life. No design background required!

Video Walk Through

You have the template, but what next? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive video guide featuring our very own founder + CEO, Rachel Klausner. Rachel will walk you through:

  • Step-by-step creation and design of a compelling social impact report
  • Tips and tricks for personalizing the social impact report to your brand and program
  • Best practices for optimizing your use of this valuable tool