How you can Support Civilians of the Israel-Hamas War


A note from our founder:

I’m broken.

But broken in a way that I know I will never heal from. How can we? As we watch sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, spouses, babies, entire families massacred.

Massacred and mutilated. Raped and kidnapped.

At a scale we’ve never seen in our lifetime and at a level of barbarism that knows no bounds.

My tears are constant as I pray for the thousands of families burying their loved ones this week and the hundreds of families in the living nightmare of their children kidnapped and turned into hostages.

Thinking of you all and crying.


On Saturday, October 7, Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israel, leaving more than 1,300 people dead and over 100 people taken hostage. 

The lack of humanity that has transpired since then has left us speechless and paralyzed. The impact of this event will affect generations.

Words fall short of how deeply saddened the Millie team feels. We can only reinforce our commitment to social impact.

Please consider supporting some orgs that are dedicated to humanitarian efforts, as resources are needed now more than ever.

Nonprofits to Support