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2022 Giving Madness Report: A Cinderella Story

This Cinderella Story Giving Madness Report includes the findings from the nine pilot corporations that launched the first Giving Madness brackets in early 2022. Ranging from a variety of industries, our nine mid-sized pilot corporations are pioneering an impact on the world through innovative initiatives like giving gamification.

giving madness report

What's in the report

The pilot results are in. In this report you will find data on Giving Madness learnings at our nine pilot companies. Before the introduction of Giving Madness, nearly 80% of charitable donations have been made at the end of the year, leaving nonprofits hurting for funds the rest of the year. We knew if we could create a fun giving program that would close the funding gap and ignite cause engagement for employees, we could move the corporate giving needle during the quieter months. What questions will be answered:

  • How was participation?
  • Did Slack users see an increase in participation?
  • Were shorter or longer Giving Madness programs more effective?
  • What cause areas and organizations were involved? How did they perform?
  • And more!

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