The Stats to Back Your New Employee Volunteer Program


What is an Employee Volunteer Program?

Employee volunteer programs also called workplace volunteer programs or company volunteer programs are built to support a company’s larger corporate social responsibility program. It is an effective way for companies to contribute to the community by providing employees the opportunity to serve the community.


Why start an Employee Volunteer Program?

Employee volunteer programs are gaining popularity as many companies -big and small- are beginning to offer paid time off for employees to volunteer. Today, many employees are even asking for it. Multiple surveys show that today’s graduates want jobs with companies that make a difference in the world. Employees today want their time and work to be meaningful and impactful to their communities. Implementing an employee volunteer program is a meaningful response to the growing passion in making the world a better place. It helps the company become a desirable place to work out, increasing the number of applicants, particularly the good ones! 

The benefits of establishing an employee volunteer program are endless. To start off, it’s linked to increased productivity within the organization. Multiple surveys taken by employees who volunteer on their own suggest that those who volunteer are often more effective and productive on the job. Employee Volunteer Programs also strengthen the relationships among colleagues, creating a more communicative and engaging working environment. 

A survey from UnitedHealth Group suggests that 81% of employees who volunteered through their employer found that doing so strengthens their relationship among colleagues.  


Through this program, employees and team members are connecting with one another. More strongly, Employee Volunteer Programs are proven to increase employee engagement. Nearly 60% of employees who are proud of their company’s employee volunteer programs are considered engaged at their jobs. Having a high employee satisfaction rate can attract more applicants! 

“Employee turnover drops by an average of 57% among employees deeply connected to their companies’ giving and volunteering efforts” (HRReporter)

In addition to the internal effects that employee volunteer programs have on their employees and the company, these programs also help improve the company’s brand and reputation. 

The epitome of a double bottom line. 🙌