Creative Social Impact Programs with Kaitlin Westbrook Tolson & Erica Woods at Apex Systems

In the latest episode of “Changemakers from Within,” Rachel sits down with Kaitlin Westbrook Tolson, National STEM & Philanthropy Advocate at Apex Systems, and Erica Woods, Director of Contractor Programs & Philanthropy at Apex Systems. Get an inside look at the framework they are using to leverage their team that resulted in a 100% participation rate in 2022. From campaigns like their Quarter of Caring, Random Acts of Kindness, and Earth Week to gamified events like Giving Madness, Gamers vs Cancer, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader (exec version), and a Virtual Magic Show, Apex Systems is dedicated to offering something for everyone. Tune in to learn more about how they leverage their teams to create multiple, successful giving campaigns all year long.