2022 Social Impact
Brand Book

This eBook explores various ways 15 brands across different industries are incorporating social impact within their programming. Take a closer look at why these companies are leading the social impact space and redefining what it means to be corporately responsible. Ranging from 150 to upwards of 3,000 employees, these small and medium-sized businesses are pioneering an impact on the world through innovative initiatives created by changemakers from within.

social impact brands and logos

Whats in the social impact ebook

Top 15 Social Impact Brands

We found 15 of the top social impact brands and brought you their mission, programming and why we love them. You’ll see their visual brands for their programs and what makes their social impact work stand out. Get ready to be inspired!

Here’s a glimpse into a few:

  • A pharmaceutical company set out to fight healthy inequality with subsidized prescriptions
  • A food-delivery subscription program making healthy food accessible to all
  • A background check company committed to changing the workforce with a fair chance
  • A pet care subscription service partnering with shelters to create wish lists for donations
  • A health care company uplifting minority-owned suppliers for hospitals
  • A technology provider using the power of data and analytics to help nonprofits increase funding